About SoundWiz

Welcome to SoundWiz, where audio means everything. We’re dedicated to the best sounding audio products out there, whether you’re looking for the best car speakers or the best record player. Music is the spice of life, and we believe in going all out for the best possible audio experience to listen to the gift that is music.

What We Do

Musician buying subwoofer speaker in music storeIn a nutshell, Soundwiz is all about reviewing and comparing audio products. Most households are packed with multiple audio products. From MP3 players to Bluetooth speakers to record players and many, many others. The market is enormous, and we see our job as scouring it, looking for the most significant audio products available, before reviewing and comparing the products for the consumer.

The industry of audio products is one of the few where the saying “you get what you pay for” isn’t always true. There are so many brands out there trying to get a piece of the action, and some offer incredible quality while others offer shoddy workmanship, unreliable electronics, and generally poor quality. This doesn’t always correlate with price, and spending a lot of money on your audio products doesn’t guarantee that they will be good. That’s where we come in.

SoundWiz reviews not only the most popular audio products, but we keep an eye out for the newest products as well as some of the unsung heroes in the market.

Our reviews are unbiased. Have you ever spent your hard-earned cash on an audio product only to find it isn’t up to standard? That’s precisely the scenario we want to ensure you avoid.

When you think of the term “audio products” you may think of speakers, headphones, MP3 players and turntables. The truth is there is far more to it than these products. The number of times people buy a fantastic turntable, connected to beautiful speakers, and then use the cheapest, most unreliable cable to connect the two is far too common. We’re passionate about every aspect of audio, from speakers to wires and amplifiers.

Our Process and How We Test Products

Young musician choosing headphones in music storeOur thorough review process means looking at the strengths and weaknesses of every product that we come across, as well as testing based on a variety of different features and functions.

As you would expect, audio quality is our number one priority, but this is a subjective term. We look at all aspects of audio including the clarity of the sound, the power and volume of the audio product and even the frequency response, for instance, whether a speaker gives an extra boost to the bass frequencies.

On top of the audio merits of each product, there is a lot more to consider before any product recommendation. Price has a significant influence on most consumer products, and we are always looking for value for money, even in the more expensive audio products. Durability and build quality is another important factor for any audio or electronic product, nobody wants a speaker that is going to break after a few days of use, and the best audio products can last years or even decades of use.

Audio product reviews can be subjective, so as well as our team testing the products for sound quality, loudness, and durability, we also make sure we do our due diligence on every product we come across. Other consumer reviews and discussions about products are taken into account when we come to discuss an audio product. If a product has average reviews of two stars out of five and users are reporting breakages, even if we have experienced no problems with the product, alarm bells should be ringing, and this will always be mentioned.

Our Sound Quality Criteria

Every audio product we test is tested with the same criteria. For example, for speakers, we examine them all running through the same amplifier (if required) and also with the same set of 10 different songs, spanning different genres and styles. This ensures we get a fair comparison and representation of the audio clarity on offer and gives us the chance to test different genres. A speaker that is amazing for drum and bass may have too much bass response to be as effective for jazz music, for example. We keep the testing criteria as controlled as possible to give an accurate representation.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of dedicated and experienced audiophiles, with a passion for great sound. Our writers have years of experience both with writing clear and concise reviews, but also in the world of audio. Our team are knowledgeable in music, electronics, and technology and can provide thorough and insightful reviews about any product in this space.

The writers at SoundWiz are unbiased so that you can be sure of an honest review. We just love to experience and recommend high-quality audio products to the masses.

We’re truthful when we say we care about audio, and we also know what a confusing marketplace it is for those who don’t know all the jargon or understand electronics. If you don’t know the difference between 10 watts and 100 watts of power, or have no idea what terms like ‘frequency response’ mean, we’re here to simplify your life and make buying decisions easier. Even if you aren’t an audiophile like us, we aim to give simple and straightforward answers to your questions, whether you are looking for the best shower radio or the most potent car speakers.

Keeping Our Site Up-to-Date

SoundWiz is a constant work in progress, and all of our articles are revisited regularly, including individual product reviews and ‘best of’ lists. This means that even if a product releases a new ‘generation’ which is greatly enhanced, or a new brand hits the market with an amazing offering, we’ve got our finger on the pulse ready to bring you the best recommendations. The audio industry is continually changing and evolving, which is why we regularly update and alter our reviews to suit the current state of the market.

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