How Music Helps Improve Your Productivity

Updated on October 26, 2018

How Music Helps Improve Your Productivity

While the results do vary, it’s undeniable that music does help boost productivity in certain situations. Listening to light, instrumental music that you enjoy seemingly produces the greatest effect without distracting from the task at hand.

Songs that you don’t know all that well is a solid choice too. If a song is overly familiar it can potentially become too catchy to ignore, leading to decreased focus. Finding a middle ground takes a little tuning, but the benefits are clear; music does help with productivity.

Cut the Bass

Songs with heavy bass are generally not recommended. Studies have shown that music that has less bass and more rhythm is much better at motivating participants, leading to higher productivity in general.

Another study found that listening to songs with a tempo of around 60 beats per minute is, on average, optimal as far as stress relief is concerned. If you need to get amped up for something, a faster tempo will do the trick. Make sure to play music that fits whatever task or activity you’re taking on. That way you can ensure peak productivity and enjoy some tunes while you’re at it.

Go Easy on Volume

Finally, we should note that volume is an important factor. Listening to music at too high of a volume has a negative impact on productivity. Music played at a reasonable volume, however, has been proven to help with creativity and thinking outside the box.

It’s generally assumed that anything over 80 decibels is going to negatively affect your attention to the task at hand. The general rule of thumb is that if your volume level is distracting for other people in your immediate vicinity at all then it’s probably too loud.

Bluetooth For The Win

Productivity these days takes place mostly while people are on the go. With so much to keep up with, having a small, affordable set of speakers is an asset. They allow you to listen to whatever you like, wherever you happen to be.

Bluetooth technology is an obvious choice for those with a busy lifestyle because pretty much all of our devices are Bluetooth capable out of the box. You won’t have to purchase any unnecessary accessories or deal with any mess of wires getting tangled in your pockets and Bluetooth speakers are wonderfully easy to use.

So Many Choices…

For the best performance in an affordable Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Xtreme is your best bet. Compact and relatively easy to take with you anywhere, it will provide excellent sound quality at any volume. It’s also able to turn things up a bit for later on when you want to kick back and have some fun.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to keep things cheap and cheerful you’ll want to take a look at the JBL Charge 3. JBL is at the top of its field and even its cheap speakers are able to keep up with the rest of the pack. Durable and reliable, the Charge 3 is a good choice for anyone not wanting to strain their wallet. It’s also completely waterproof, meaning you can take it absolutely anywhere and not worry about damage.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a Bluetooth speaker is an absolute benefit, especially if you enjoy listening to music to help with productivity. Music has time and time again, been shown to help focus attention.

With people being so busy nowadays having a reliable Bluetooth speaker makes listening to music on the go and maintaining peak productivity a cinch.