What Microphone & Headphones does Ninja Use?

What Microphone & Headphones does Ninja Use?

At the moment, you can barely go outside the door without seeing a kid flossing. The Fortnite hype has taken the world by storm.

Millions of people all over the world battle it out in the Battle Royale game on a daily basis. During the boom, many Fortnite gamers have risen to the top on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Like most popular games in the industry, there’ll be a casual scene and a pro scene. Today we’ll be talking about one of the stars that is being idolized and regarded as the best Fortnite played by many. His name is Tyler Blevins, he’s 27 years old and goes by the gamer tag “Ninja.”

What Microphone does Fortnite Ninja use?

Audio Technica AT2035 - Ninja's MicrophoneNinja uses the Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone in his setup.

The AT2035 microphone is very affordable, and the quality is better than you’d expect at this price range.

The microphone that Ninja uses comes bundled with both a shock-mount and a pop-filter, so if you intend on using it for streaming like him, you’re ready to go out of the box.

Notable Features

  • Natural and balanced sound
  • Solid and detailed high-end
  • Low noise-profile

It’s no wonder why pros like Ninja use the Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone in their streaming setup. It’s a solid and affordable solution that can handle a high amount of sound pressure.

Running the Microphone Through a USB Audio Interface

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Hero USB Audio InterfaceSo, the microphone that Ninja uses is an XLR microphone. XLR microphones cannot be connected to your PC as easily as a USB microphone. However, the sound quality will be a lot better on an XLR microphone. Also, they’re normally cheaper than identical USB versions of the same microphone.

You need to run your XLR microphone through an audio interface. One of the most popular solutions is the Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB audio interface. Actually, the Scarlett Solo is the #1 best selling microphone pre-amp of all time on Amazon.

The Scarlett Solo has one input (perfect for using a single microphone). The audio interface can then be hooked up via USB to your computer.

The reason this will sound miles better than just using a USB microphone is the fact that the audio interface has a sound card on its own.

In a PC, usually, the built-in sound card is dirt cheap and found in the motherboard. With an audio interface though, the sound is processed through its premium sound card rather than through the sound card of your PC. This results in way better audio quality. Do yourself a favor and get an XLR microphone and a USB audio interface rather than a USB microphone. You get way more for your money.

Which Headphones do Ninja Use?

Fortnite Ninja Headphones - Beyerdynamic DT 990 PROFortnite gamer Ninja uses the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO headphones.

These studio-grade headphones are both robust and comfortable. The overall sound experience is incredible. The spacious bass is warm; the crispy highs are a delight. Everything in between is clear as day.

There are many reasons why you should opt for studio headphones rather than very bass-heavy headphones when gaming. Here are a few:

Why you need Studio Headphones for Gaming

  1. They bring the slightest details to the surface. You’ll be able to pinpoint enemies from far away.
  2. Studio headphones give the most accurate audio representation possible. Professional musicians even use them for mastering and mixing.
  3. Usually, studio headphones are more about comfort than looks. If you’re gonna be gaming for hours on end, you gotta get something comfy.