Hydro-Beat Illumination Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Radio Review

Ranked #3 in Shower Radios


  • Fully waterproof
  • Integrated microphone
  • Good audio quality
  • Long battery life


  • Somewhat short Bluetooth-range

The Hydro-Beat Illumination Speaker is a fun-sized portable device that you may easily take up with you in the bathroom or the pool. Every music lover knows the struggles of keeping their phone dry when they are taking a bath – which is why a Bluetooth speaker is such a necessity. It takes out the boredom of taking a shower or a bath and it brings some music into your life.

Introducing the Hydro-Beat Shower Speaker Radio

Some people do not like the quiet time that comes with taking a shower or a bath. The boredom gets so intense that you need something to listen to – like your favorite radio station or your favorite playlist on your iPod. However, it’s impossible to take the music with you – and customize it – without risking a drop in the water.

This is why the Hydro-Beat Illumination speaker is such a convenient asset. With its IPX7 waterproof rating, this unit can withstand lengthy submersions in the water – without compromising its durability.

This unit functions as a radio or it can be connected via Bluetooth to your home devices. No matter if you are using a smartphone, a laptop, or a notepad, the Hydro-Beat Illumination can be connected as long as you have a Bluetooth setting. Plus, thanks to its 4Ω5W output speaker, you will have an excellent, high volume along with an extra bass to add “vibe” to any song.

Key Features

  • IPX7 fully waterproof rating
  • LED lighting design featuring 10 colors
  • Compatible with all devices with a Bluetooth option
  • 4Ω5W output
  • 7V/650 MAH L-Ion battery
  • Integrated microphone
  • Intelligent interface
  • 30-feet Bluetooth Range
  • Removable suction cups

Versatility Meets Easy Use

Regardless of your use of the device, the audio speakers will provide a high volume while in watery environments. However, perhaps one of the most convenient aspects of this bathroom speaker is the fact that it has an integrated microphone.

Hydro-Beat Illumination in a Swimming PoolThis way, you may make and receive phone calls even while you are taking a bath, without taking your phone with you. All you have to do is connect it via Bluetooth and use the buttons to do the settings.

Furthermore, thanks to the Intelligent Interface design, you have full control over your speaker. You can select the volume, the speaker mode, or the colors of the mood lights – without worrying that the water will get on your device.

The Hydro-Beat Illumination is also fairly easy to carry around. With the ability to fit in a small purse or backpack, you can easily take it with you to the beach or a pool party without carrying too much weight.

Thanks to the removable suction cups, the unit may either float or stay attached to a wall. Plus, the L-Ion battery is fairly durable, and it will easily offer you around 8 hours of playback until it requires a recharge. You also have a fast-charging option that can replenish your battery in as little as 3 hours.

Pros & Cons

Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 Unboxed

Every product has some goods and bads. To make it easier for you, we made a list of some pros and cons.


  • Fully Waterproof – Thanks to its IPX7 waterproof rating, this unit can resist being submerged in Furthermore, it will do so while still retaining its functioning capabilities – which means you’ll have both music and LED lights.
  • Removable Suction Cups – Most Bluetooth speakers have integrated suction cups, but they are removable for this model. You can easily turn it from a floating speaker to a sticking one.
  • Integrated Microphone – You can transform your speaker into a phone, without having to reach for your cell phone every time it rings. This way, you will protect it from the water.
  • Long-lasting Battery – When fully charged, the battery may last as long as 8 hours. This is a lot, considering it can be charged in only 3 hours.


  • 30-feet Bluetooth Range – While this range may be good if the connecting device is close to you, it may not prove as useful if you need it on a longer range.
  • Buttons –  There are many buttons on this unit, so it might be difficult to understand their purpose on the first try. It might take some getting used to.

Verdict – Should You Get the Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7?

The Hydro-Beat Illumination IPX7 is a good purchase for anyone looking for a close-range Bluetooth shower radio/speaker. It has superior audio qualities, it’s highly waterproof, and it can pick up and save more FM stations than your average radio. If you don’t need it for distances longer than 30 feet, then it would be a solid purchase for you.

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Product Specifications

Audio QualityA+
Build QualityA
Battery LifeUp to 8 hours
WaterproofFully waterproof
Bluetooth RangeUp to 30 feet
Hands-free callTrue
Dimensions3.9 x 2.8 x 3.9 inches
Weight9.6 ounces

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