HYM Seed Modern All-In-One Record Player with Speakers Review

Ranked #4 in Record Players


  • Brilliant audio quality
  • Amazing built-in speakers
  • Timeless, captivating design
  • Strong build quality


  • Expensive

Meet the HYM Seed. An example of excellence in craftsmanship. A brilliant display of expertise in sound engineering. An all-in-one solution that brings vinyl to life with Hi-Fi sound. A powerhouse of a speaker. All this, in a minimalistic and clean design.

The HYM Seed is the perfect blend between the analog charm of vinyl and the evergrowing digitalization of the music industry. The HYM Seed connects the two worlds together beautifully. It is one of the only modern turntable systems to do the vinyl the justice it deserves.

Introduction to the HYM Seed

Emerging from the funding platform Kickstarter, the HYM Seed quickly gained the attraction of audiophiles from all over the globe. The modern record player with speakers ended up bringing home more than six times its initial funding goal – and with good reason.

This all-in-one turntable is impressive in every single aspect. At first glance, there is the unique and minimalistic design that will make any decor enthusiast jealous. However, I think what’s inside this unit is even more impressive! That for later, though.

All in all, the HYM Seed stands firm on the market. This all-in-one modern record player is one of the most affordable high-end units you can acquire.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Seed such a fantastic unit and why you should invest your money in it.

Incredible Audio Range & Low-Range Detail

Now, this is where the HYM Seed blew me away. Most modern record players a geared with a pair of full-range speakers – But the Seed is not.

Instead, this all-in-one modern record player is geared with two 1″ tweeters and two 4″ woofers. This means that your audio system will cover 30% more range and provide much more audio detail.

Full-Range Speaker vs Woofer & Tweeter FrequenciesGenerally, a full range speaker will cover only starts to cover audio frequencies adequately at 100 Hz and above. It also loses its pace around the 15 kHz mark where its usability starts to decline.

The human hearing range usually spans from 20Hz – 20,000 HZ (20kHz). This means that with a full-range speaker both the high-end and high-end spectrum will suffer. You’ll lose out on some of the more bassy low-end sounds without woofers. Well, with the HYM Seed you get both woofers and tweeters. And oh boy, is the difference noticeable.

Instead of one single speaker to cover the whole audio spectrum, you get four independent units that excel within a specific range. Firstly, this means you get more audio detail and precision. Secondly, a woofer and tweeter combined beat the scope of a full-range speaker.

Even though the name suggests it, the full-range speaker does not cover it all. You’ll mainly be noticing the difference between the low bass sounds. They’ll sound dull and undefined. This naturally happens because the speaker isn’t able to playback the desired frequency accurately.

Therefore, in high-end audio systems, you usually get a solution that pairs tweeters and woofers. The tweeters crispen up the highs with crystal clarity. The woofers enrich the lows with deep, powerful and detailed bass.

If you’re an audiophile like me and you want to do the old records justice, you’ll be amazed by the HYM Seed.


Take Full Control with the App & Controller

HYM Seed iOS AppThis all-in-one turntable is not just a record player with speakers. It does a lot more than playing records. If you want to play songs off your smartphone or Spotify, you’re golden. The Seed connects through USB, AUX, Bluetooth, and WiFi making it extremely versatile.

The primary purpose is probably to playback your vinyl – or even to use it as decor due to its stunning design. Now and then, occasions will rise, where you’d like to play music that you don’t have access to on vinyl on the awesome Seed-speakers. Unlike many competitors, the Seed lets you do that. Whether you’re looking to hook up your smartphone to fill the room with atmosphere or you’re looking to turn the analog vinyl songs into digital mp3-files on your PC, you can do that.

The Seed mobile application supports TuneIn, Napster, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Tidal and many more playback options. Additionally, the Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream music using AirPlay and DLNA.

To make things even better, the whole package also comes with a dedicated remote controller. The remote lets you skip back and forth between vinyl and other digital playbacks with ease. It features all of the critical functions like volume-control and powering on and off. Simple yet effective!

Versatile Player with lots of Options

The HYM Seed lets you enjoy music in a variety of ways, making it a very multifaceted modern record player.

First off, you can apparently play your vinyl on it. I guess this comes as no surprise. Additionally, you can stream your music wirelessly from your phone or PC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Additionally, you can go ahead and blast tunes using the line in and line out outputs (AUX). If you wanna play music straight from a USB flash drive.

All in all, this makes for a better experience with the Seed. It’s not just a modern record player. It is a full speaker solution with lots of cool features that allows for way more than playing vinyl.

Strong & Durable Built Quality

Not only does the HYM Seed look breathtaking, but it is also built to perfection. More than 60 parts added together in a very robust build. Like with the audio quality, HYM Originals haven’t compromised the built quality.

Three-Point Suspension System

The HYM Seed is geared with a three-point suspension system that eliminates all the interference that you could encounter with a regular platter. The system ensures that your vinyl will play effortlessly without distorting or interfering with sound quality – even after years of use.

Anti-Skate System

This all-in-one turntable also has an anti-skate technology for the needle.

Anti-skate Technology

Without getting too technical, this means that the needle won’t end up skating between the waves of the left and right channel. This means that you’ll get a much more accurate playback of your vinyl whereas other modern record players might distort the audio slightly. The eccentric weight tonearm keeps everything in balance. No skewed sound, no unhappy customers.

Pros & Cons

To give you a quick overview of the unit, we’ve noted down the most important pros and cons of the unit below.


  • Incredible sound quality – Beats all the full-range speakers due to the use of woofer and tweeter
  • Many connectivity options – Connect with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, AUX and more
  • Features app & controller – Has a dedicated phone app and controller that gives you full flexibility over the unit
  • Stunning design – It’s obvious this unit is gorgeous. The minimalistic and clean design works well with any environment
  • Excellent built quality – Durable and high-end materials make for a long-lasting and precise experience


  • Slightly expensive – But well worth the money

A verdict of the HYM Seed Modern Record Player

HYM Seed SpecificationsThe HYM Seed is an awe-inspiring piece of work. It is by far the most advanced and technical modern record player on the market. The unit is packed with features, and there are no compromises made whatsoever.

Vinyl has never sounded better than they do with the HYM Seed. You’ll get the most accurate playback of any units with this bad boy. On top of all this, the Seed is exceptionally well-built, and the design is unforgettable (positively speaking).

If you’re looking to pamper yourself or someone else, you’ll not go wrong with the Seed. It’s a fantastic all-in-one music player that any audiophile would be proud of adding to his/her collection.

The Seed is as close to perfection as any product has gotten. It stands a mile ahead of the competition – no match whatsoever. The HYM Seed earns an almost perfect rating if 4/5.

We love it – and so will you!


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Product Specifications

Audio QualityA+
Built QualityA+
Drive MethodBelt Drive
Speeds33 1/3, 45
Internal SpeakersTrue

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