Pioneer TS-A1676R Car Speakers Review

Ranked #1 in Car Speakers


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Many size options
  • High-efficiency cooling
  • Great power handling
  • Highly affordable


  • Slight bass cut-off

In the world of car speakers, the Pioneer TS-A1676R is one of the best options on the market. If you want crisp, powerful sound that will bring your favorite songs to life in a way that you have never experienced before, this is a really great way to get it.

Introducing the Pioneer TS-A1676R

Few car speaker systems in this price range can claim to even be in the same class as the Pioneer TS-A167R 320W. We will now highlight a few of the features that make the Pioneer so unique, so you can decide whether or not you want to add it to your car. We guess that you will!

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

The Pioneer is engineered to deliver crystal clear sound that could potentially offer a pretty sharp upgrade to your music listening experience. The unique fabric that has been used in these innovative speakers is engineered with a multilayer mica matrix cone that makes use of light and water-resistant material to deliver the best possible results.

Of course, these are jargony words that only serve to describe better what I said at the beginning of this heading. Bottom line? These speakers deliver sound that is as clear as can be.

It’s a Fit For You

These speakers also come in a variety of sizes so that they will comfortably fit within cars of different sizes. The result? Whether you drive an energy efficient sedan or a massive SUV, you can still enjoy speakers that bring to life every single note of your favorite songs.

High Input

The engineering of these speakers is also designed to employ rapid cooling to help ensure that your speakers are able to withstand a lot of input. The innovative cooling system that makes use of air vents, as well as a heat resistant coil, improves these speakers power handling and also simply helps to ensure that they will last in your car for a long time to come.

Pros of the Pioneer TS-A1676R

Here are few of the advantages that we have identified that do well to demonstrate some of this product’s finer qualities succinctly.

  • They are affordable
  • Comes in many different sizes so you can fit it in every car
  • Crystal clear sound on your favorite songs.
  • Features high-efficiency cooling which improves the power handling


Finding downsides to this unit is tough. We were able to find one, though. Keep in mind; this is the case for all speakers within this price range.

  • These speakers do tend to distort bass a little bit which is something of a drag, especially depending on what kind of music you listen to. This can be offset by incorporating sub woofers into your car as well.

What You Get For Your Money

The package comes with two speakers—both of which are fully equipped with all of the features that we have just gone over in the preceding paragraphs.

It’s a relatively simple, but also entirely comprehensive package that will provide you with everything you need to upgrade your car’s sound system sharply.

The fact that these speakers are sold as a pair adds a lot of value to the Pioneer, as one package could theoretically service your entire car. Buying one set will, at the very least do wonders for the audio output in the front of your vehicle, and you can always by a second set later if you would like to upgrade the back seat as well.

An Ideal Option For Every Budget

If you haven’t noticed, we are pretty fond of these speakers. Does that mean that they are perfect? It does not. Of course, no product is excellent. What it does say is that the Pioneer speakers do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well.

There are speakers out there that have more features or are better at handling bass. However, for the price, it would be hard to beat the value of the Pioneer speakers.

Our Verdict: Pioneer TS-A1676R

The bottom line is that these speakers are doing a lot right. As far as performance is concerned the Pioneer would be difficult to beat. Because of their engineering, they will deliver compelling, crystal clear sound. Because of the multiple speaker-size options, they are virtually guaranteed to fit your car no matter what. Due to the price, most shoppers are going to find them relatively affordable.

This all equates to a speaker that most music enthusiasts should be proud to own. As a result, we give this speaker a 4.5 / 5 score. While there technically may be better speakers out there, the Pioneer nevertheless still succeeds in every way that is likely to be vital to you making it an excellent option for really, anyone.

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Product Specifications

Audio QualityA+
Power HandlingA
Built QualityA+
Two Way SpeakersFalse
Three Way SpeakersTrue
Four Way SpeakersTrue
Five Way SpeakersTrue

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