Sony SRS-X55 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ranked #2 in Bluetooth Speakers


  • Plays loud
  • Great audio quality
  • Supports phone calls
  • Sleek design
  • Deep, clear bass


  • Battery life a little short
  • A tad heavy
  • Sound isn't omnidirectional sound

A few years ago, if you wanted to have music while out with your friends, you had to invest in one of those famous boomboxes. Nowadays, you can listen to your favorite music much easier by using a portable speaker - like the Sony SRS-X55.

Of course, there are hundreds of brands on the market nowadays and they can be more or less efficient. A state-of-the-art speaker that is definitely worth your attention (and every penny, for that matter) is the stylish Sony SRS-X55, which will ensure a pristine listening experience.

Introducing the Sony SRS-X55

A product like the Sony SRS-X55 is perfect for camping when you can’t really afford to play music in your car, lest you drain the battery completely. There are two important aspects we need to talk about: the DSEE and the S-Master amplification.

What’s Included

  • Sony SRS-X55 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Lithium-ion battery

The former stands for Digital Sound Enhancement Engine; the S-Master further amplifies the sound without making it mushy, like most other speakers do. What strikes us the most is that in spite of its relatively small size, it has 30 watts.

That’s the power you’d usually expect from a small guitar amplifier. Your music can be streamed via Bluetooth straight from your smartphone, tablet and any other compatible device.

Some features that you’ll appreciate

  • The DSEE works as an anti-compressor, contributing to a clear, lush sound
  • It has an auxiliary input that allows you to connect music players to it
  • You can either call someone or take calls hands-free
  • The speaker is 5.1ch (surround sound)
  • The speaker has a powerful subwoofer that doesn’t alter the sound in any way

As you can see, the Sony SRS-X55 is an all-inclusive listening solution. Thanks to the fact that it’s a surround sound, you won’t need to move it around in order to listen to music clearly.

Its capability to boost the bass comes from the passive radiator with which it’s endowed. We know that all these might sound a little too good to be true, especially when you see the size of the speaker, but we can vouch that everything you’ve read up to now is 100% genuine.

A Quick Take on the Quality & Design

You wouldn’t think that revolutionizing the design of a speaker would be possible, but Sony got really close to pulling that off. The best part about its design is undoubtedly the fact that it’s extremely compact.

It doesn’t look like a box. The black and chrome/silver nuances create a quite beautiful contrast. The SRS-X55’s slim design has a direct impact on its weight: only 2.6 pounds (roughly 1.2 kilos).

The product actually has 3 little speakers that render the sound clean, regardless of the volume you play your music at. If you were wondering how this could give off such a powerful bass, that’s thanks to the size of the subwoofer, which is 58mm.

That’s extremely generous, considering that this is a portable device. Some people tested it with all sorts of genres in order to see whether the sound keeps the same fidelity or not. It does because the speakers can handle any sound in the existing spectrum.

The wireless feature functions just as well with Airplay, NFC, Google Cast and Wi-Fi as it does with the Bluetooth. The digital amplifier of the SRS-X55 eliminates everything that is analog once feedback is initiated.

This accounts for the clarity of the amplified sound. The lateral speakers are 2.1ch each. Of course, these contribute to the efficiency of the sound, as well. The speaker is extremely well-made, so you can rest assured that it’s well worth the investment.

Closer look at the Audio Quality

If you’re a bass fan (who isn’t, these days, right?) then there’s no other better speaker for you. This might just be the single speaker designed around the concept of boosting the bass without chipping the overall quality of the music.

Sure, pretty much all speakers, portable or otherwise, can have a lot of bass. The problem, however, is that once that bass is turned up, the sound becomes mushy. This won’t happen with the SRS-X55.

With this speaker, the resulting sound is crystal-clear and stays that way no matter how loud you want your music to be.

Is It Easy to Setup?

Sony SRSX55 Wireless Portable Bluetooth SpeakerNothing easier! After you’ve charged it, you turn it on and connect it to your device via Bluetooth (or other available services). If you’re using the speaker with a PC, though, you might have to tweak the controls a little bit in order for the sound to become perfectly clear.

Once you’ve done that, you won’t need to take care of that again. The connection to your device can be done with one single touch. It’s not an awfully complex process like other portable speakers might require.

If you’d like to connect a music player to the speaker, all you have to do is plug the aux cord in the designated input on the back of the product.

Price vs. Quality Ratio

Some people might complain about the price, which is about $180, give or take. As far as we’re concerned, the price is totally justified by the features of the product.

Having a wireless portable speaker will save you from the hassle of wading through a ton of cables. The speaker is well-built and when you take it in your hand the very first time, you can see that it was made with durability in mind.

To put it shortly, this is worth every penny. Keep in mind that you can pay well over $200 for a portable speaker that could be nowhere near as feasible and beautifully-designed as the SRS-X55.

So, there you go – yes, we think the price-quality rapport is perfectly balanced.

Pros & Cons

Sony SRSX55 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Here are the main pros and cons of the unit.


  • It has 30 watts of output power
  • It boosts the bass without jeopardizing the overall music quality
  • The device allows you to stream music wirelessly
  • You can connect a smartphone or tablet to it through a USB port
  • It plays 4 music formats: MP3, WMA, ATRAC and AAC
  • It features a compact and pleasant design
  • You can answer phone calls on it by using the speakerphone feature


  • The battery does not last 10 hours, as specified, especially when used at full volume
  • You cannot connect it to more than 1 device at the same time
  • When videos are played, there might be a tiny delay in sound
  • Some people may find it expensive

Our Verdict – Should I Go for the Sony SRS-X55?

If you think you could use a portable speaker in your house or on road trips and you don’t want to pay a fortune on one, then this is definitely the best call you can make. Its design recommends it to be used anywhere you might like.

The Sony SRS-X55 will look cool in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom – you name it. Thanks to the expanded battery life, this will be a reliable companion if you plan on going camping. While we agree that it is a bit pricey, we subscribe to the opinion of so many pleased customers, namely: it is totally worth it.

Look no further if you’re shopping around for a powerful speaker that does indeed function as advertised by the manufacturer. We guarantee you that you won’t regret this purchase – you might even come back later to buy a second one.

Can’t really decide yet? See how this Bluetooth speaker compares to other popular units here.

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Product Specifications

Audio QualityA+
Built QualityA
Battery LifeUp to 10 hours
Max Connections1
Audio Output Power30 Watt
Phone CallsTrue
Signal-To-Noise RatioUnknown
Frequency Range60 - 20000 Hz
Weight2.6 lbs

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