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Sangean H202 Shower Radio with Bluetooth

Shower Radios

Shangean H202

The Sangean H202 is one of the leading shower radio products on the market. Read along as we shed light on the product in our thoroughly conducted review and compare it to the other shower speakers on the market.

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Teac TN-300 Turntable with Built-In Pre-Amp

Record Players

Teac TN-300

The TN-300, the modest yet powerful offering from Teac is an affordable unit that will keep everyone entertained, from vinyl first timers to experienced audiophiles. Teac decided to strip everything back to the basics, leaving you with a simple yet effective record player. All you need to do is press play, sit back and relax, and enjoy your music the way it was intended.

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Sony ICF-S80 Splash Proof Shower Radio

Shower Radios

Sony ICF-S80

The Sony ICF-S80 is a stylish and slick shower radio intended for use in the bathroom or by the pool. The ICF-S80 is regarded by many as the best shower radio - and we agree. Read on to find out why.

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Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System

Home Theater Systems

Enclave Audio CineHome HD

Audio home theaters have been almost a necessity in recent times whether it be to watch television or to listen to music or to play some action-packed video game. One of the leading names in home theaters is Enclave Audio CineHome. The Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System is a wonderful addition to the home theater system of Enclave Audio.

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Hrome Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Radio Speaker

Shower Radios

Hrome Speaker

For people who like to mix efficiency with versatility, the Hrome Bluetooth speaker is definitely an investment worth making. Combining a cool design with superior sound, this Bluetooth speaker is the perfect thing to have around if you want to lighten up a pool party – or simply need some music around while you are taking a shower.

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BassPal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker Radio

Shower Radios

BassPal Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker designed by BassPal is something that has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially among people who enjoy singing under the shower – or at least love listening to some music or radio.
Having a fairly high rated design, this easy-to-use speaker can be taken anywhere, no matter if you have a power socket around you or not. You may take it in the shower, you may take it at the pool – you may even take it to the beach, for all that’s worth.

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