Best Record Player Stands: Turntable Cabinets, Furniture, Tables & Boxes

Updated January 2019

Turntables are all the rage at the moment. People are waking up to the sound quality and compression-free audio that vinyl records can offer. A turntable needs somewhere to live in your home, and finding the best turntable stand can be an opportunity to turn your functional record player into a design feature too.

There are a huge amount of options on the market, with a variety of different styles. Whether you’re looking for a wooden record player stand, table, cabinet, storage box or something entirely different, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you are looking for a more modern record player stand to suit a contemporary apartment or maybe you want something vintage with a relic look. We’ve included record player stands in a lot of designs with something to suit every home.

Top Picks: Affordable Turntable Stands

Below you’ll find 14 affordable pieces of furniture ideal for record players. Hopefully, these will give you some inspiration and help you make up your mind.

#14 Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers

Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music CentersThe Victrola model is quite a minimal looking stand designed originally to be used with the Victrola wooden music center. Although it is the perfect fit if you have one of these music centers, it doesn’t have to be used with their specific record player, and it provides a good surface for different types of turntables.

Key Features:

  • Made from real wood.
  • Available in five different finishes so you can choose that which best suits your home decor.
  • No tools required to put this together.
  • Space on the lower shelf for fifty records to be stored.

#13 Novogratz 1324015COM Concord Turntable Stand

Novogratz 1324015COM Concord Turntable StandThe Novogratz stand for turntables definitely looks like it could have been made in the 1970s. The funky hairpin-style legs and sturdy MDF design make this a good option if you need a handy turntable stand with storage. It is available in multiple configurations. You can buy the Concord stand with or without drawers, or as a tall, cabinet style stand.

Key Features:

  • Comes in five different finishes including two types of wooden design. Choose which you prefer.
  • Four cubbies within the stand allow you to keep records and other items such as headphones and cleaners organized.
  • Other Novogratz themed tables and desks are available for a matching look.

#12 Crosley ST75-PA Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet

Crosley ST75-PA Bardstown Entertainment Cabinet, This cabinet has a classic, wooden design, which would look good in many different rooms around the house. There are multiple Crosley record player stands out there, as they also manufacture a number of household record player models. This is one of the more compact choices and though it has space for both records and CDs within the cabinet, it is small enough to fit in even a tiny room.

Key Features:

  • Extremely compact with dimensions of 16 x 20 x 25 inches.
  • Glassdoor to display your records and other items within.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Available in three different finishes.

#11 SONGMICS Vintage Nightstand, Stackable End Table, Cabinet for Storage

SONGMICS Vintage Nightstand, Stackable End Table, Cabinet for StorageThe words ‘shabby chic’ and ‘upcycling’ come to mind when you see the SONGMICS stand. This is a simple style of turntable table. Not necessarily designed for record players first and foremost, this can be used as a nightstand or end table, too.

The vintage look is wonderful, but the design of two compartments is perfect for vinyl fans, as you can store the record player on top of the table with space for records in the cubby hole beneath.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy wooden design with strong powder coated iron legs.
  • Simple to install with all the tools needed to assemble it are included in the box.
  • Stackable, so you can simply buy a second if you run out of space for your records.

#10 Darla’Studio 66 Turntable Stand

Darla'Studio 66 Turntable StandThis looks a lot like a DIY turntable stand converted from a crate of some description. The Darla’Studio 66 has been handmade in the United States and has a look which can fit both modern and classic room designs. The sturdy look and huge amount of storage also make this popular for those with large collections, or even people wanting to store other items within.

Key features:

  • 27 inches tall with two shelves for storage.
  • Sturdy wooden design with brown stain, versatile looks for a variety of home decors.
  • Can hold 120 records.

#9 Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center Stand

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center StandAnother Crosley option, the Manchester entertainment stand is a very compact and simple wooden design, with a ‘Paprika’ finish. It is handcrafted and well built, and though small it does have enough storage for quite a few records. Perfect for your a small apartment and for the more compact turntables and record players on the market.

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted using quality hardwood and veneers.
  • Compartments for record storage made out of wire.
  • Simple to assemble.

#8 Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage

Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record StorageThe Pangea is a heavy duty, black record player stand. It is modern and immensely stable, as well as being one of the only matte black products on the market. The exceptionally thick shelves and large frame means it can hold over 100 records as well as having the capacity to hold a record player, speakers and more. This is a hard-wearing and reliable turntable stand as well as looking great!

Key Features:

  • Heavy and thick 19mm platform for your record player.
  • Steel frame adds to durability.
  • Scratch-resistant finish on the shelves to avoid scratches when moving things around.
  • Saucer style legs avoid scratching your floor.

#7 Design 59 inc Mid-Century Modern Acacia Hardwood Table

Design 59 inc Mid-Century Modern Acacia Hardwood TableThe Design 59 stand is one that can be used for a variety of different purposes. It works as an end table or nightstand just as well as a record player. The simple Acacia wood design with a walnut finish fits in with many different styles. Ultimately, the best feature is the sheer durability and sturdiness of the Design 59.

It can support up to 350 lb in weight, so even if you have a large and heavy sound system, this table can handle it. The open shelf below also means you can store vinyl records within.

Key features:

  • Assembles without using any tools.
  • Incredible weight capacity, you could probably sit on this with no issues!
  • Really simple to wipe clean due to the walnut finish.
  • Space to store some records, books or other items.

#6 Darla’Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Vinyl Cabinet

Darla'Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Vinyl CabinetAnother Darla’Studio 66 option, but this time stained with an antique gray look, perfect for the upcycling vibe. It looks like somebody has converted an old crate or pallet, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this isn’t sturdy. It is an incredibly hard-wearing stand with plenty of storage space too.

Key Features:

  • 27″ x 19-3/4″ x 15-1/4″ in dimensions.
  • No assembly required just place where you want it.
  • Storage for over 100 vinyl records.

#5 TunePhonik Bamboo LP Record Holder w/Turntable Display Shelf

TunePhonik Bamboo LP Record Holder w/Turntable Display ShelfThe TunePhonik record holder with display shelf for a turntable is very different to other options on the market. Five simple wood pieces clip together to create this unique triangular design. The idea is that the turntable sits on top of the shelf which is almost 25 inches wide. The base doubles up as a storage space for your records!

This display shelf is very compact, good for small apartments, dorm rooms and other homes without a huge amount of spare space for record player stands.

Key Features:

  • Made of a quality and study bamboo wood.
  • Can hold 50 records on the grooved base, whether 12”, 10” or 7” vinyl.
  • The pieces easily attach without any tools or wood glue.

#4 Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand + Vinyl Record Storage

Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand + Vinyl Record StorageThe Line Phono turntable station has been designed with the music lover in mind! This is no basic piece of kit, and the manufacturers have thought of just about everything the vinyl collector could need from their stand.

The very large design means you can fit pretty much any turntable, amp and home speakers you need onto the console. The huge range of what the maker describes as ‘record collector features’ includes record stops and a cable management system!

Key Features:

  • Loads of space for over 200 LPs, speakers and the turntable itself.
  • Smaller accessory shelf, grooves for your currently spinning record and even a cable management system.
  • The height of the feet can be adjusted to keep it stable (no “wonky table syndrome”).
  • Comes flat and is relatively simple to put together.

#3 Crosley Furniture Everett Record Player Stand

Crosley Furniture Everett Record Player Stand - MahoganyThis is a record player stand which keeps the vinyl within hidden away! Perhaps not the best if you want to show off your collection to everyone, but for a subtle, sturdy record player, the Everett is a good option.

This stand from Crosley looks great in homes that have an older look to them, with classic furniture and rich woods. The mahogany finish gives that extra touch of class. Many of the wooden record player stands on the market have a more modern feel to them, so the Everett record player table may come as a welcome change.

Key Features:

  • Can store up to 75 vinyl LPs, with wire slots to organize your favorite albums.
  • Mid-century design with a rich mahogany finish as well as quality metal hardware.

#2 Crosley Furniture Everett Media Console

Crosley Furniture Everett Media Console - MahoganyYet another Crosley furniture model. This is another in the Everett range, and the larger sibling of their smaller record player stand. The full media console is the sort of record player table you could imagine someone having in their home early in the 19th century for their gramophone or later their first turntable.

The huge design gives room for a component turntable on the right-hand side, with a huge amount of storage underneath and to the left. This is possibly the best stand if you want the option to hide your turntable away, and to look at it in its ‘unfolded’ state, you wouldn’t know it was a record player stand.

Key Features:

  • Loads of storage behind a set of sliding doors.
  • Wire slots for organizing your LPs and records.
  • Hand finished mahogany with metal hardware.

#1 Convenience Concepts Oslo Storage Console

Convenience Concepts Oslo Storage ConsoleThough the Convenience Concepts storage console is not specifically marketed as a turntable or record player stand, it has everything needed to use it this way. The surface is big enough for your record player, and the inside of the cabinet has storage space for records, headphones, and other accessories.

The design is inspired by Scandinavian trends, and the Oslo look can be echoed around your home, as the brand also offers the same design in bookshelves, nests of tables and more. Consistency can give a classy finish to your living room or wherever you choose to relax and listen to music.

Key Features:

  • Two cabinets with plenty of storage space and a central shelf.
  • Sturdy wooden legs ensure a high weight capacity.
  • Minimalistic design to fit pretty much any home decor.
  • Comes with all the tools needed for the assembly process.


Naturally, finding the best turntable stand for you will come down to personal preference, the space you have to put it in and how big your turntable and record collection is. Whether you’re a casual listener or are fanatical about vinyl, the options above can provide something perfect for you and your home.

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