Best Shower Radio 2018: Best Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Updated August 2018


Some people enjoy taking quiet showers or baths, where everything they can hear is the sound of the water. It soothes them, and it’s a nice break from the daily stress that they have to handle. On the other hand, there are people that dislike that kind of silence and need some energy. They need to shampoo their hair while going crazy on James Brown’s I Feel Good. If they don’t have music, they practically cannot enjoy shower time. Therefore, today we take a look at the best shower radios of 2018.

So, the main problem is that the most common portable object for playing music is your cell phone – and we don’t have to mention how fast it can be damaged if you wet or steam it. This is exactly why a shower radio should be your top priority – after buying a phone.

This guide will teach you how to pick the best shower radio, as well as bring out a few options that you might find convenient. Taking showers don’t have to be boring.

Top Picks: Best Bluetooth Shower Radios

Best Overall

Hydro-Beat Illumination

Hydro-Beat Illumination


  • Fully waterproof
  • Integrated microphone
  • Good audio quality
  • Long battery life


  • Somewhat short Bluetooth-range

With an IPX7 waterproof rating, the Hydro-Beat Illumination shower radio is the perfect acquisition for your bathroom. Not only does it withstand splashes, but you can also submerge it into the water, without worrying that it will be damaged. This unit can be either connected via Bluetooth to your phone or laptop, in case you have your own playlist to access – or you can choose to listen to any of the radio stations.

It reads all nearby frequencies, so you can surely find your favorite. Having an integrated microphone, this radio can also be used to answer phone calls with. Once both devices are connected, you will no longer have to run after your cell phone naked each time the phone rings.

Stylish Alternative

Hrome Shower Radio

Hrome Speaker


  • Good battery life
  • Fully waterproof
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Nice audio quality


  • No clock on FM radio

If you are looking for something more aesthetically appealing, then the Hrome shower radio should definitely be on your checklist. Having a cracking backlit design, this unit was made to resemble the Northern European lights. The Hrome radio also features an LCD screen that lets you see the time and control your settings.

The backlights are strong, which means that you can see the text in both light and dark environments. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, this unit can easily take a dive. Furthermore, if you don’t want to use it as a shower radio, you could always go for the clock mode. The device will go for as long as 20 days before requiring a battery change.

Best Budget

BassPal Shower Radio Speaker

BassPal Speaker


  • Fully waterproof
  • Can float
  • LED mood lights


  • Somewhat short Bluetooth-range
  • Needs drying

This shower radio has gained a lot of popularity among those who enjoy listening to music – or even singing in the shower. With its IPX7 waterproof rating, not only can you put it right next to the shower cabin, but you can take it inside as well. The BassPal is powerful enough to stay 30 minutes underwater, without undertaking any damage. With the proper maintenance, it should last for a fairly long time.

Furthermore, thanks to its suction cups, you can attach it to any tiled wall – away from the full blast of water. The shower radio is also fun to have around at a pool party. The LED multicolored mood lights will react in synch with the music – literally lighting up the party. You can connect it to your smartphone to access your playlist, or you can go for the radio mode and listen to your favorite station.

Buying Considerations: Best Waterproof Shower Radio

Anyone can buy a shower radio. Buying a good shower radio, on the other hand – that’s where it can get tricky. It’s easy to be won over by a low price, only to realize at home that the quality is terrible. Furthermore, while a product may be of high-quality for some – it might be useless to you. Before throwing money on an item that you’re not even going to use in the near future, here are some aspects that you might want to consider.

Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

Many people confuse the two, but there’s a huge difference between waterproof and water resistant. If a shower radio is water resistant, then you can place it around the bathtub or the shower (for example, on the sink or a cabinet), but you shouldn’t place it directly next to the shower stall. It might resist a few splashes, but more than that may be disastrous.

A waterproof unit, on the other hand, can be completely submerged in water and it will still survive. You can even take them swimming with you when you go to the ocean or the pool – only that you have to be careful not to lose it to the waves. The best way to choose a fully waterproof radio is by checking its IPX (namely, waterproof) rating. The lower the number, the lower the level – therefore, an IPX4 rating will be less waterproof that an IPX7, for instance.


When it comes to installing a shower radio in your bathroom, you can generally go two ways around it: you either permanently install it through the tiles, or you get a portable one. For safety reasons, most bathrooms do not have a power outlet – so you might not be able to power it the regular way. This means that you’ll have to permanently install it.

The good news is that you’ll never have to change batteries or recharge it as you would with a portable shower radio. The bad news is that you’ll have to drill a hole in the tiles to install it – so in the event that you’ll want to get rid of the radio, good luck covering that hole without making it obvious.

Bluetooth Range

At this stage, the question is no longer whether they have a Bluetooth connection or not; every shower radio should have one. The question now is the range that it covers – so if possible, get a unit that clearly tells you the area covered. Get a device that can go over at least three feet. This way, you can get in the shower without compromising the safety of your phone. The longer the range, the more versatile the product will be. If you buy a shower radio with a 30+ feet Bluetooth connection, you can easily take it outdoors with you.


Technically, a shower speaker is not required to have a microphone – but the best shower radio should definitely have one. Say that you are taking a shower, listening to some music – and then someone whom you definitely need to answer to calls.

You could go the classic way and run after your phone, soaking it with water – or you can buy a bathroom radio with a microphone; particularly one with an LCD screen. This way, you will know exactly who’s calling you, and you can answer it directly from the radio. If it’s waterproof, you can splash water on it to your heart’s content and it won’t be a problem. The Hydro-Beat shower radio, for instance, has a microphone option that will allow you to receive phone calls.

Build Quality

Does the material feel like it’s made from cheap plastic, or does it seem sturdy? What about the outer cushions? Will it withstand a fall in the event that you drop it on the tiles? Sometimes, you need to go past the looks and choose something that might resist abuse.

Sure, you may not smash it on the ground on purpose – but let’s say that you want to change the song and your hands are all slippery. Wouldn’t it be unnerving if it just slipped and you smashed the living daylight out of a fairly pricey shower radio? Look for shower speakers that have a protective cover. It may be silicone, or it may be rubber – but they’ll provide enough shockproof ability to keep your unit safe – from both accidents and the test of time. The BassPal speaker, for instance, has a fairly decent shockproof coverage that will prevent damage from a fall.

Battery Life

If you are buying a radio for your bathroom, the chances are that you’ll get one that uses batteries. Here’s where the problem gets complicated: what kind of batteries does it use? Do they have their own rechargeable battery, or do you have to buy new batteries each time the old ones run out? Most shower radios will have their own rechargeable batteries – but you need to be careful about how long they will last.

The standard would be 8 hours, but some may play for as little as 6 or as much as 10 or 20 hours until they need to be recharged. Generally, the battery life will vary from radio to radio. Keep in mind that the longer the battery life, the more it will take to recharge. However, this problem might also be solved if you purchase a device with a fast-charging option.

Ease of Use

Does it have a huge number of buttons, or does it only have a few of them? Too many buttons may be confusing to operate, and it might take a while until you figure out what they do. If you want extra options, then you’ll probably have to deal with a great number of buttons as well; it’s just a sacrifice that you’ll have to make – if only you are willing. On the other hand, if you don’t want anything overcomplicated, don’t search for something with many buttons just because it looks fancy.


Sometimes, these extras are not a crucial necessity – but they sure help make the decision easier. For example, does it have any LED lighting? If it provides a color show every time you take a shower, then it might bring some funk in the bathroom – therefore killing the boredom.

The Hrome shower radio, for example, has an intriguing cracking backlit design that lights up with different color schemes. Or maybe it has an LCD screen that shows the time. This can be especially convenient if you’re running on a tight schedule. We all know how nice it feels under the shower, and how “I’ll only be 10 minutes” can easily turn into “Oops, I stayed in there for half an hour!” Reviews of the Best Shower Radios Research is key, and reviews are even more important – so below you will find some of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a waterproof shower radio.

The Verdict on the Best Waterproof Shower Radio

There are many shower radios to choose from – and the three mentioned above are only just a few of them. They all have their own advantages, and they are popular for a reason – mainly because they work like a charm. To say which one is the best is rather difficult – but we could see a pattern in all of those units. Each of them has a built-in microphone, and each of them has a high waterproof rating.

The BassPal may need some maintenance, and you’ll have to wipe it clean after every use to preserve its longevity – but then again, it wouldn’t hurt to do the same thing with the Hrome or the Hydro-Beat. Hopefully, we managed to bring you all the information that you need with this guide. It’s essential to do proper research before making the purchase since you’re likely to be using the shower radio every day. Consider all of the features and decide whether that particular model would be useful for you or not.

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