Why You Should Get a Wireless Home Theater

Updated on January 3, 2019

Why You Should Get a Wireless Home Theater

While you plan your custom home theater, you should really consider looking into a wireless home theater as it will look a lot neater without cables everywhere and will be a lot more flexible to move and use.

Wireless Sound Speakers

The most important benefit of wireless sound audio speakers is that there are fewer cables to worry about or mess with. While you will usually most likely need cables to connect to main devices, satellite speakers themselves run via infrared transmission or radio.

The next upside of the wireless system is the latest technology of wireless itself, making use of infrared transmission, digital signals are basically beamed from the transmitter to individual receivers in each speaker.


A loudspeaker needs two types of signals in order to work. Speakers need to access the music or movie soundtrack, which is provided in the form of electrical impulses, the audio signal. In order for the speaker to take the electrical sound impulses and convert those vibrations into an actual sound that you can hear, the speaker needs to be physically connected to an amplifier, which can be powered either by a battery or AC power.

Wireless Home Theater Systems

Wireless Home Theater systems will use Bluetooth technology, variations of wifi networks, and proprietary wireless systems. Many manufacturers are now creating home theater systems, kind of like a home theater in a box that include speakers, receivers, wireless surround speakers and a DVD player all in one package.


Wireless is getting a lot of attention from home theater engineers and designers, and wireless technologies themselves are advancing rapidly. Over time, wireless will be a natural part of many home theaters. Today it’s a niche product for people with specific needs and requirements. But it is a lot neater and convenient to have things wireless.

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