Rockford Fosgate Punch P152 Car Speakers Review

Ranked #5 in Car Speakers


  • Low price
  • VAST Surround
  • Easy installation


  • Low power

The Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers are compact, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in power. Their design might be simple but in that simplicity, there is efficiency. The understated style of this speakers will make them a perfect cosmetic fit for almost any car.

Introduction to the Rockford Fosgate Punch P152

The Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers are popular, and as you will soon see, there is little wonder why. Within its price range, there are few speakers out there that can match the quality and performance of this unit. Today we will be highlighting a few of the things that make these speakers great to see how they fit your needs.

(Relatively) Powerful

While you will certainly see speakers with more than eighty watts of maximum power it is nevertheless still an impressive benchmark considering the price and size of these speakers. With that level of power, you realistically might not be able to crank your music up as loud as you would like to but you are nevertheless still getting a great sound system that won’t struggle to enhance your favorite songs.

VAST Surround

The VAST surround, or “Vertical Attach Surround Technique” works to the betterment of the Rockford speakers by increasing the cones radiating cone radius without making the installation process any more difficult than it needs to be.

Because of this relatively simple but infinitely useful technology, the radiating cone on this unit is 25% more effective than that of comparable models.


The price of this unit is probably going to be what attracts a lot of potential buyers. If you want a good set of speakers that don’t break the bank this is definitely a good set to consider.

What You Get For Your Money

This package comes with two speakers and two speaker covers. For the price, you are getting a really great value here. I know I’ve said that already, but it would be hard to overstate. The speakers and necessary parts are of course all that comes with the package, but then what else would you need?

Pros and Cons

Now that you know plenty about these speakers, let’s take a look at some of the pros and the cons in order to better inform your buying decision.


  • Affordable
  • VAST Surround
  • Easy Install


  • Low power
  • Struggles with higher and lower frequencies

Easy to Install (and Adjust)

Even if you are handy, the easy install is still a nice feature. It means you spend a lot less time squatting around your car with an instruction manual, and a lot more time on the road enjoying some of your favorite tunes.

This unit takes several measures to ensure that the installation process is as smooth as it can possibly be. The ICC (Integrated Concealed Crossover) does as one would suspect, and conceals the crossover in the basket resulting in a cleaner look for the speakers themselves, and a much simpler installation.

Installation is similarly simplified by the “Flex Fit Basket.”  The Flex Fit Basket utilizes slots instead of screws (whenever possible) so that the speaker will be both easy to mount, and easy to adjust once the installation process is complete.

The Case for the Rockford Car Speakers

Limited power and a difficulty with dealing with higher and lower frequencies do not work in this unit’s favor. However, they still have a lot going for them, and that is something that should not be overlooked. They are affordable, easy to install, and very efficient compared to other speakers in their class.

In other words, we like them. If you are looking for a simple, affordable set of speakers that you won’t have any trouble installing into your car, this is a great set to consider. Yes, these speakers certainly have their drawbacks, but given their price, we believe them to be manageable.

A verdict on the Rockford Fosgate Punch P152

Are these speakers perfect? No. Unfortunately, they lack a little bit in terms of sound quality. That said, we think they are still worth considering. These might not be the speakers that you buy if you are looking to maximize the audio potential of your car, but that’s also really not what these speakers have been made for.

With eighty watts of power, these are a great option for replacing factory speakers that have gone bad. These speakers are great for what they do. As a result, we give them 3.7 / 5 and recommend that you take a close look at them as you consider your options.

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Product Specifications

Audio QualityB+
Power HandlingB+
Built QualityB+
Two Way SpeakersTrue
Three Way SpeakersTrue
Four Way SpeakersFalse
Five Way SpeakersFalse

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