Sangean H202 Portable Shower Radio with Bluetooth Review

Ranked #1 in Shower Radios


  • Both radio & Bluetooth compatible
  • Fairly priced
  • Weathercast
  • Lots of nifty features
  • Wall mount included


  • Slightly heavy
  • LCD display could be bigger
  • Batteries & DC power cord not included

The Sangean H202 is one of the leading shower radio products on the market. Read along as we shed light on the product in our thoroughly conducted review and compare it to the other shower speakers on the market.

The market of Bluetooth speakers is in rapid evolvement at the moment. First and foremost, these gadgets are super handy to have. They help us keep track of time in the bathroom in the morning. They also act as an entertainment center to blast out our favorite tunes while we get ready for work or relax after a long day.

The Sangean H202 has taken the market by storm, quickly gaining the title as one of the best shower radio speakers. Though competitively priced, the H202 provides heaps of innovative and unique features to the table which the competitors don’t.

A Shower Radio That Works

Sangean H202 Hanging In ShowerIt’s no secret that the market of shower radios can be a jungle to navigate. There are quite a few options out there. Many of them look solid at first glance. However, once you dig deeper, you’ll see that a lot of them have game-changing shortcomings.

Quite a few of them starts at around $20 and upwards. However, these speakers only serve you at the bare minimum of what you’d expect. Often they’re hard to navigate, have unstable radio reception and a bland and flat audio response.

With the Sangean H202, however, you don’t have to worry about any of this. One of the strongest points of the H202 is the radio reception and navigation. First, it supports FM, AM and WX tuning. It has a built-in AM antenna and a pigtail antenna for AM and WX tuning.

With 20 station presets, you’ll easily get going straight out of the box. With a handy LCD display and 12 logical and easy-to-use buttons, the Sangean H202 radio speaker is extremely easy to navigate and get used to.

As for as reception stability goes, this unit is second to none. Even though we tried challenging its signal strength, we were unable to kill the reception. It’s super reliable and highly stable.

Faultless Audio Quality

Shower radios aren’t designed to reproduce the world’s best HiFi sound. However, the Sangean H202 is probably as close as you can get to it within the realms of shower speakers.

We tested this shower radio against a few competitors by having them play the same AM radio frequency side by side to determine how they sounded in comparison. Together with the Sony ICF-S80, the Sangean H202 sounded the best. We then moved on to test them using Bluetooth, playing the same song on all units. The ICF-S80 does not support Bluetooth, so the H202 was battling against cheaper models. The H202 came out on top quite convincingly.

The Sangean H202 doesn’t sound like a shower radio. It more closely compares to the more recent JBL Bluetooth speakers. Especially the lower frequencies impressed us a lot. Where some of the other radios started to thin out, the H202 maintained width and provided body to the sound. If sound quality is an important factor for you, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Features For Days

Sangean H202 Shower RadioThe Sangean H202 is the most sophisticated shower radio on the market at the moment. Where most of the other units are what can be considered one-trick ponies, the quality of the H202 is displayed in its range of features.

A Wireless Weather Station

As mentioned before, the H202 supports WX tuning – which is something none of the other shower radios we reviewed do.

With WX tuning, the H202 receives weather updates and reports from all seven NOAA weather channels. Due to this, you can check the weather while taking a bath. It is super handy to get an overview of how the day is going to be and so you can plan your outfit accordingly.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The one thing that the Sony ICF-S80 lacked was Bluetooth connectivity. The fact that you can connect your phone to your shower radio and play your favorite songs through Spotify just makes the product a lot better overall. One thing I like to do is to listen to various podcasts in the morning and thus having this helps me a lot.

We tested the Bluetooth range and it seemed that the connection started to suffer at a distance of around 30 feet from the radio. Generally speaking, this is fairly average.

Perfect Timing. Always

With the Sangean H202, you’ll never lose track of the time on busy mornings again. The LCD display shows the clock (which can be set to your liking).

Additionally, you can set adjustable sleep timers and short timers. Want to limit your bath to 3 minutes? Set a short timer for 180 seconds. Want the unit to automatically turn off at 8:30 AM when you leave your house? Set a sleep timer for automatic turn-off.

Mobility Is Key

Sangean H202 Rear ViewThe Sangean H202 is geared with an adjustable carrying/hanging strap that lets you place the unit in a lot of handy ways. Some of the other models use suction cups which the H202 does not. It isn’t a solution that would work for this unit due to its shape, size, and design.

Unique to the Sangean H202 shower radio, it comes with a wall mounting plate and belonging hardware. This means you can seamlessly create a hanging spot for the H202 on the wall wherever you want while hiding the hanging strap from your view.

Multiple Power Options

You probably thought this unit couldn’t get any handier… You were wrong! There’s more…

The Sangean H202 – already proven to be a very flexible shower radio – can be powered in two ways. Either you can run it directly through your power outlet using the DC power plug in the unit. Otherwise, you can use two 1.5 V (UM-1) batteries to power it. When powered by batteries, you can expect the unit to play for 110+ hours.

A lot of the other shower radios require being charged every 5-10 hours of play time. This can get tiresome, especially if you’re in a rush on busy mornings.

It is worth noting that no DC power adapter nor batteries are included with this unit.

Conclusion – Is The Sangean H202 The Best Shower Radio?

The Sangean H202 is a versatile unit with lots of great features that make it the best shower radio in our opinion. Although not the cheapest product on the market, you certainly ain’t breaking your bank by acquiring the H202.

It’s clear that Sangean had a strong and clear vision with this product – and that seemed to work. With solid audio quality and access to lots of unique and useful features combined with a more than fair price tag, the H202 is unarguably our favorite shower radio speaker on the market.

The H202 is a super flexible unit that serves multiple purposes. You can’t go wrong with this product.

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Product Specifications

Audio QualityA+
Build QualityA+
Battery Life110 hours
WaterproofIPX7 Waterproof
Bluetooth Range30 feet
Hands-free callTrue
Dimensions9.25 x 5.51 x 2.2 inches
Weight2,4 lbs

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