Best Home Theater System 2018: Wireless Speakers for TV

Best Home Theater System of 2018Watching movies is an experience. Movies entertain us, influence us and speak to our emotions. They bring families together and make for memorable evenings. The movie experience is built up by visuals along with audio. Have you considered why we go to the movies? – Because it gives us the full experience. It gives us breathtaking visuals and overwhelming audio. Did you know that the full cinema experience can be achieved at home? In this article, we will help you find the best home theater system to bring the cinema experience into your living room.

The market can be a jungle to navigate, so we’ll sort you out and give you an overview of the most popular wireless speakers for TV.

We know that some TVs have built-in speakers that are able to blast high audio volumes. However, nothing fills up the living room with warm crystal clarity audio like a 5.1 surround sound home theater system.

Product Comparison

ProductSonos 5.1 SystemBose 5.1 SoundTouch 300Shockwafe Ultra 9.2
Overall Rating9.59.29
Frequency Range31.5 Hz - 20.000 Hz45 Hz - 20.000 Hz45 Hz - 18.000 Hz
Surround Type5.15.19.2
Wireless SpeakersTrueTrueTrue
Wireless SubwoofersTrueTrueTrue
Smartphone AppTrueTrueFalse
Audio PerformanceA+AB+
Build QualityA+A+A
Connectivity OptionsA+A+B

Buying Considerations: Best Home Theater System

There are some things you want to consider when buying the best home theater system for your needs. Obviously, there’s the price and the design but when it comes to a sound system, there are other things to keep in mind.

Surround Sound

We’ve probably all heard of the term 5.1 surround sound. But unless you have experience in the field, you probably don’t know what it means.

In general, the number before the dot indicates how many speakers or audio channels are involved. The decimal number represents the number of subwoofers or low-frequency effect channels in the audio system.

This means that in a 5.1 surround system there would generally be 5 speakers (or at least channels) and one subwoofer. This format is by far the most commonly used one. Digital television, Blu-ray and DVD formats, Netflix and other streaming services all support 5.1 surround sound these days. A regular TV usually is a 2.0 solution (meaning it has a left and right speaker with no subwoofer). This actually means that to enjoy the full surround sound experience at home, you’d need at least a 5.1 system.

It is widely acknowledged that the bigger the room, the bigger a surround system is needed to fill it. A standard modern living room can be filled up with warm sound from a 5.1 unit without issues. Now, if you have a very big room, you can even scale it further and go for a 7.1 system or go for the monstrous 9.2 system.

Surround Formats

We know that surround formats can seem extremely confusing at first because sound is sound, right? While this is true, there are various sound formats that process the audio a little differently from one another.

These surround formats interpret the audio and tell the individual speakers which part of the audio they should play. This is where the term “surround sound” comes into play. Rather than having 2.0 audio thrown into your face, you’re surrounded by the audio. You in the middle of the eye of the storm.

Some of the most popular formats are Dolby and DTS.

You’ve probably heard Dolby Digital a dozen of times. It probably holds some authority in your eyes while knowing exactly what it means. It is probably the most popular surround format ever.

DTS is almost equally as popular. The produced sound result is also pretty identical.

The main difference is that DTS has noticeably higher bitrates thus meaning it can process more data (and possibly detail if you may) at once. This is not necessarily an advantage as the two technologies work quite differently. It could be that Dolby are just better at optimizing thus bringing the same amount of audio detail at a lower bitrate.

In conclusion, neither of these should set you off. Both formats are widely popular and well established. You’ll get great results with either format. The difference in audio quality is very subjective and we’re almost certain that you’d be happy with both solutions.

Audio Frequencies

Another measure to take into account is the frequency at which speakers can playback audio. Frequency is a term used to specify how low or high sound is. Obviously, the deeper the sound, the lower the frequency – and the other way around!

To get a little nerdier, let’s take a look at how the human ear works.

Humans can generally only hear frequencies from around 20 hertz (Hz) upwards to 20,000 hertz. These can be considered the absolute borders of our hearing range. Our hearing is most sensitive between around 2,500 Hz and 5,000 Hz.

In terms of buying the best home theater system, you’ll want to look for something that covers up the human hearing range as much as possible. Weirdly, some manufacturers produce wireless speakers for TV that go all the way up to 40,000 hertz.

When you look at the numbers, 40 kHz obviously looks more impressive than 20 kHz but honestly this is a gimmick. We don’t doubt that the speakers are able to churn out these frequencies, but you won’t be able to enjoy them. Well… Your dog might be able to hear some sinister secrets that you can’t, but who would want that?

Connectivity Options

Thankfully, the era of cables is over. Most of us grew up with cable connectivity everywhere. This cable goes there, that cable goes here… But honestly, things are so much simpler now that we have wireless connectivity options.

You’ll quickly see that most of the modern home cinema units feature one or multiple wireless ways to connect to it. Most common is bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

If you find a system that does not feature either of the two options, let me give you an advice – stay away! Obviously the unit is outdated in some fashion and is only gonna lose its pace compared to the competitors and the constant industry evolvement.

Cables are straight up ugly and annoying. Whether they tie knots on themselves or you trip over them, you’d rather wish for wireless connectivity. My point is, for a unit to be the best home theater system, it must feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Preferably both.

Obviously the main part of the system needs to be powered by cable. This is usually the soundbar, which provides all the functionality. A cable or two for that is perfectly fine, but if you need wires running up and down the walls and around the furniture, you’re better off with another solution.

Keep it clean, keep it simple. Cut the cords and go wireless!

Reviews of the Best Home Theater Systems

Below are 3 different units at different prices that all serve as home theater solutions.

The Popular Choice: Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System

Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System

Read the full review here

The Sonos 5.1 Home Theater System has been gaining a crazy amount of traction lately. It has taken the market by storm with its clean and minimalistic looks and its stunning audio quality. If you’re looking for a high-tech and feature-packed solution with deep thought into every detail, the Sonos surround sound system is the right choice for you.

The Sonos Surround Sound system is our recommended solution because of its crazy good audio quality, great design and easy managment.


Our Rating


  • Strong built quality
  • Amazing audio quality
  • Very stylish & minimalistic
  • Lots of great & exclusive features


  • Slightly expensive - but worth it
Buy from Amazon

Best Audio Quality I’ve Ever Heard

As an audio fanatic I have never been this hyped in my life. Setting up the system must’ve been the fastest and easiest thing I’ve ever tried. Usually these types of setups can seem daunting but this was a whole different story. Now, what really surprised me was the incredible audio quality!

I am a big sucker for Harry Potter and I am especially fond of the amazing music (shoutout to John Williams). So, I thought what better way to kick things off than watching a Potter movie? During the opening sequence where the title music was playing, I was already straight up laughing out of pure amazement because the audio was so great. The Sonos 5.1 home theater system really makes everything an experience.

I’ve owned many home theater systems and listened through countless different speaker setups throughout the years and what Sonos achieves is second to none. This system really knocks you back in your seat. You get a beast surround sound system in a size your wife won’t get mad at you about. Hands down the best home theater system I’ve ever heard!

Easy Setup & Feature-Packed Enjoyment

It is no secret that every single detail has been taken into account by Sonos. Especially the setup and calibration process is impressive. Everything is as easy as one-two-three, really. Ultimately this means that with zero effort, you’ll have all the components running optimally in no time.

When it comes to the features, Sonos also really sets apart from the pack. Pretty much everything is wireless (except from two cables from the PLAYBAR) leaving you free from the clutter. With Wi-Fi connectivity and regular updates, your system will always be running at full potential. Heck, it will even improve over time as Sonos add additional features!

Everything can be customized with ease using the Sonos app for iOS and Android. Having trouble hearing a dialog? – Turn on dialog enhancement mode and bring the conversation through the mix. Afraid of waking up the whole neighbourhood while enjoying a movie at night? – Enable night mode and get a balanced audio experience that enhances the lows and dampens the high sounds. Wanna set the mood of your romantic dinner with some passionate background music? The choice is yours – The Sonos solution is here to help.

The Audiophile’s Favourite: Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 System

Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 Home Theater System

Read the full review here

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 bundle stands as a worthy opponent to the Sonos home theater system. It is clear that the two competitors had some of the same ideas when designing these setups. The Bose SoundTouch system was probably designed with the idea of “cinema experience” in mind while the Sonos leans towards a “smart living” starting point.

Bose is a well renounced brand in the audio industry. Probably more so than Sonos. The Bose surround sound system is the perfect choice for sound fanatics – and even better if you’re a Bose fan! You get the amazing characteristic Bose sound that made the brand so popular in the first place.

Packed with smart features to make everyday living easier, the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 surround sound system is an amazing product with immense detail and a modern look.


Our Rating


  • Elegant, sleek Design
  • Cohesive and Solid Bass
  • Connects to Smartphone App
  • Very Detailed Audio Quality
  • ADAPTIQ - Adjust Sound to Room & Setting
  • Great Bose Support


  • Setup somewhat Hard
  • Slightly Expensive
Buy from Amazon

Professional Audio in a Smart Package

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 home theater system is a brilliant choice for audio lovers. Bose is well known for their affordable but high-quality products. This unit is their take on building a smart solution for people wanting to bring the cinema experience into their living room. And oh my, did they do a good job!

Packed with cool functionality that broadens the use of the unit, you’re bound to be amazed. If you’re a die-hard Bose enthusiast or already own Bose speakers, this is a must-have addition to your collection.

Lots of professional musicians and audio technicians praise Bose into the clouds – and for good reason. They simply build flawless units with impeccable audio quality.

A Strong Competitor

Now, can the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 compete with the Sonos unit? – Possibly.
Does it sound better than the Sonos unit? – In my opinion, it does not.
Should I pick this over the Sonos unit? – If you have a reason for it. If you have experience with Bose and like the brand, I don’t see why not.

In my opinion, this unit is a strong competitor, but it does not beat the Sonos home theater system. That said, the audio quality differences are minimal and it’ll most likely be a subjective matter which is best. If you like the Bose brand better, go with that.

The Low-Cost Powerhouse: Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 Home Theater System

Read the full review here

You might be of the idea that getting a proper home theater system is expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 is the perfect example of an extremely powerful home theater system that takes you further for your money. With double subwoofers and 4 additional audio channels, this powerhouse of a speaker system really brings insane value for your money.

We highly recommend the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 home theater system to anyone looking for the full home cinema experience without having to empty their wallets. The Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 is by far the best budget solution – but it does not feel or sound cheap!


Our Rating


  • 9.2 System - More audio channels than competitors
  • High-quality Dual Subwoofers - Double Power
  • Wireless connection through WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Elegant Design that adapts to any décor
  • Fairly Easy to Use
  • Highly Affordable


  • Doesn’t connect to all Harmony versions (particularly the older models)
  • If you turn off the TV, the soundbar also automatically turns off
Buy from Amazon

Impressive Detail with an Impressive Price Tag

You might be thinking that with a soundbar, four speakers and two subwoofers, there must be some compromises elsewhere. Well, actually there’s surprisingly few! The first thought would be that the sound quality could be poor. Let me just quickly shoot down that idea. As a long-time audiophile, the Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 still managed to make my jaw drop. I put it to the test watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, because of the epic soundscapes and wonderful visuals. Were the speaker system able to match the stunning visuals on a 60″ 4K TV? Oh, yes they were!

The Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 is geared with more fire-power than any of the competitors. This 9.2-channel surround soundbar system has 1000 watts of speaker power. Supporting all the modern surround formats (DTS:X, Dolby Audio) it is a vertasile unit. All in all, you’re looking at volumes of up to 110 decibels (which is the equivalent of having a car honk at three feet away).

Coming Through, Loud & Clear

The home theater system plays louder than any of its competitors. It has 18 speaker drivers and comes with two subwoofers, providing a more precise soundscape, allowing for more accurate detail. Size-wise, this system takes the cake. With bass frequencies as low as 45 Hz and highs up to 18 kHz, you’re gonna get crystal definition in the whole sound spectrum.

This is the best home theater system for people who want to get immense power at a low cost. If you can live without the extra features of say, the Sonos, you’re more than set with this unit. While some of the other systems are more subtle and have additional high-tech features (such as voice-activation and smartphone apps), you’re certainly not compromising with the audio experience.

If you’re looking for most value for your money, Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 is the only right choice.

Verdict of the Best Home Cinema Systems

We really hope that you’ve now aqquired the knowledge needed to buy the best home theater system for your needs. As you can see, there are two sides two every story. There is no definitive winner here. Which is the best home theater system is highly subjective to your individual needs.

If you are looking for a very smart solution packed with useful and luxurious features, we recommend the Sonos unit. Not one single compromise has been made with this cinema system. Though the price tag can make you hesitant, once you try it, you’ll know it’s well worth it. In my opinion, if you really wanna build a home theater system, it’d be a waste to settle for a budget unit that does not give you the experience you want. Have the money for quality? – Buy the Sonos.

If you are looking to get a great and powerful experience on a budget and don’t care too much about additional features, the Shockwafe Ultra 9.2 will do the job. At about half the price, you’ll get a bigger system that really rocks! Yes, there’s less customization, less smart features and fewer connectivity options but you’re ensured an awesome audio experience.

Which is the best home theater system solely depends on you. We’ve listed our favourite picks at various prices. Reading further into these units, you’re almost ensured to find the perfect match.

Now, get going and bring your movies to life with a home cinema system! Oh, and try not to wake up the neighbours.

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