Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 Home Theater System Review

Ranked #2 in Home Theater Systems


  • Elegant design
  • Cohesive, solid bass
  • Smartphone App
  • Great support


  • Setup somewhat hard
  • Slightly expensive

Have you ever tried to watch a movie, but you were not able to feel it because the sound wasn’t right? The average home cinemas will have the speakers set right in front of you, sending the sounds straight into your face – which is why a surround home theater such as the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 is such a convenient accessory.
To get the full experience of the sound, you need to have it all around you. When you are going through a walk in the forest, it’s not like birds are singing only in front of you. In order for you to feel like you belong there, you need to be surrounded by it – straight into the middle of things.

Introducing the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 Features

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 is everything you need to have around when you want to feel like you are part of a movie – or even a music show. As long as you have the SoundTouch app, you can stream music from Deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, and even NAS drives. Connect it to your flat screen, and you have the perfect sound for a movie night. And the best part of it all is that everything is done by a slim soundbar that can fit in any room décor.

Key Features to look forward to:

  • SoundTouch technology for multiple rooms
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi with NFC
  • QuietPort and PhaseGuide technology
  • Connectivity for Deezer, Spotify, Internet radio, and Amazon Music
  • DTS/Dolby Digital decoding

This unit was created to bring a touch of reality to every movie you watch and every song you listen to. Its WiFi coverage is more extensive than the standard 33-feet Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can quickly cover a larger-sized home – without compromising the sound.

What’s Included:

  • 1 x SoundTouch 300 Soundbar
  • 1 x Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module
  • 2 x Virtually Invisible 300 Wireless Sound Speakers
  • 1 x remote control

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 also comes with a remote that connects to every set of the home cinema. Also, thanks to the SoundTouch app, you can easily connect it to your phone and stream your favorite music. It may also be connected to any computer via USB port, which means that you can literally connect the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 to any utility of this century.

Using the latest technology when it comes to performance and utility, this home cinema is an invisible tool that can offer you a real-life, 3D feeling.

Superior Build Quality and Sleek Design

If there’s one thing that we are entirely sure of, it’s the fact that the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 has one of the most beautiful and sleek designs out there. Having fairly slim dimensions, this system is clutter-free and can adapt to any home environment without creating any problems.

Made from tempered glass and wraparound aluminum grille, this home theater is as durable as it can be. Unlike regular glass that may break or get scratched upon contact, this one can resist even a direct fall. However, you should keep in mind that while the tempered glass makes this system shock-proof and durable, it can also make it fairly heavy. Compared to other home theaters, it may be more troublesome for you to move this around – although it’s still doable.

The same slim dimensions along with the sleek black finish will also increase its elegance, making it look more appealing to the eye. The soundbar measures 978 mm wide and only 57 mm high, which is perfect for any TV that is larger than 40 inches. The unit also features rubberized feet so that it stays in place. This way, if the bass vibrations go too high, the soundbar won’t start ‘dancing’ all over the place.

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 doesn’t have much of a LED display, which is a good thing if you are one to be bothered by flickering lights. You do, however, have a small row of LEDs that tell you the WiFi status, as well as the selected outputs. The problem is that since the light is so weak, it’s difficult to see them unless you are standing right next to the home theater.

The Audio Quality that Surrounds You

This home theater may look simple, but it still produces a clear sound that would bring you the full, 3D sound experience. When you are listening to music or are watching a movie, the sound is loud and clear, surrounding you from every direction of the room. That’s what most people look for.

The Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module does a great job at producing those low notes, offering you a dynamic bass effects range. However, it still slightly struggles to provide the same room-rattling effects that a high-end subwoofer would produce.

For example, if you watch an action movie with fiery explosions or car crashes, you may not get the same room-filling, deep sound that takes you right in the middle of the action. Still, this does not mean the acoustics are not great.

The audio quality will also depend on the acoustics of the room. Granted, if you have a properly insulated room that permits sound to travel the way that it should, then the audio experience will be top notch. Plus, even though the bass may not be able to dive in the lowest frequencies, it still goes down enough to provide a satisfactory audio experience.

Dialogues and words usually stay focused in the center – coming from the main soundbar. The other sound effects, on the other hand, will be spread to the other speakers, surrounding you with the sound.

The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 does not have a jack input for headphone connection, so this it may be an inconvenience if you want to keep things quiet for a bit. Still, the purpose of a home theater is to raise the sound, not turn it down. This is why very few people see this as a downside.

Setup and Ease of Use – How Fast Can I Get It Going?

When it comes to setup, many people had a few issues setting the connections. It’s more than just inserting the jacks and the USB connectors; you need to go through the app menu to set the style.

Similarly, setting the WiFi connection can be a time-consuming task – but most of them also said it should not take more than 30 minutes to get things working.

Still, there are also several areas in which the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 likes to make things easier for us – and that usually revolves around the audio calibration. This audio system functions on an ADAPTIQ system that adjusts the sound to fit the acoustics of the room.

The remote control is also easy to understand even though it may have many buttons. The advantage is that you can also turn it into a universal remote. This way, you won’t have to own a remote for every other electronic device.

Price vs. Quality Ratio

With an average price that goes around $1,000, the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 is not the most affordable unit you could go for. However, considering the sound that it offers, it is worth the price.

With this device, you don’t have to bother with troublesome ugly wires. Not to mention that you get a sound quality that almost rivals that of an actual theater.

The build is also sturdy, and tempered glass is not something to go cheap on. Considering that this is a unit that screams durability from every direction – literally – it has an excellent price vs. quality ratio.

Verdict – Is the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 Worth It?

In our opinion, the Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 is the ‘soundest’ investment that you can make. It has an amazing sound quality, and despite the fact that it’s made from heavy-duty materials, it’s not imposing on the aesthetics of the room. Plus, the fact that it is wireless allows you to set it anywhere, without being bothered by any ugly and tangling cables.

Yes, it is relatively pricey, but considering the qualities and features that it provides, you definitely won’t regret it. The Bose 5.1 SoundTouch 300 takes the sound to an entirely different level, offering you the best home theater experience. It may not have a subwoofer, but it makes up for it through surround sound simulation and clarity.

Maybe your neighbors won’t be too happy about this purchase, but you certainly will!

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Product Specifications

Audio PerformanceA
Frequency Range45 Hz - 20.000 Hz
Surround Type5.1
Wireless SpeakersTrue
Wireless SubwoofersTrue
Smartphone AppTrue
Build QualityA+
Connectivity OptionsA+

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